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Las Positas College

Honors Transfer Program


The Las Positas Honors Program is designed to prepare highly-motivated students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities and to build the intellectual and social skills needed for their success. The program provides opportunities for taking any transferable course at a different (honors) level, through activities and experiences designed specifically to encourage independent and creative learning. Highly-motivated students have the opportunity to work closely with outstanding faculty and other honors students in doing a wide variety of research projects and other activities.

Program Calendar

Our program runs in the fall and spring semesters. The program is not usually active during the summer term, but there are some exceptions.

How Does the Program Work

Members of the Honors Transfer Program can take any transferable course at LPC as an "honors" course, per their instructor agreement. There are two ways a student can have the course count as HONORS: 

  • by adding an honors contract to the course with the consent of the instructor - complete an honors contract.
  • by fulfilling the requirements of a "certified embedded honors component" for the course, if your instructor offers one. Check with your instructor if they do. In this case you do NOT need to complete any contracts or submit proposals. 

Program Benefits

Benefits and opportunities you will have as an Honors student include:

  • An "Honors" transcript designation for each Honors course completed - the course will show as "Honors" course on your transcript
  • Special recognition as an honors scholar at graduation for students who complete at least 5 honors courses worth at least 15 units and graduating with a GPA of at least 3.5
  • Access to honors transfer guarantee and/or priority agreements with a number of the most competitive universities (such as UCLA, Yale, Pomona - check the links to the left for the full list) for those who graduate as honors scholars
  • The opportunity to do exciting and challenging coursework geared toward those who wish to achieve beyond what is normally required for lower-division classes
  • The benefits of working one-on-one with faculty as you engage in your honors work
  • The opportunity to participate in the statewide community college honors research symposium held at either Stanford University or UC Berkeley each spring
  • A chance to collaborate with other honors students

Follow the links to the left for more information about eligibility requirements, honors activities, procedures and forms.

Student Interviews

In this video honors students discuss their experience in the Las Positas College Honors Transfer Program.


Video Introduction to the Honors Program

The video below will introduce you to the basic purpose, function, and opportunities offered by the Las Positas College Honors Transfer Program.