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Las Positas College

Student Consumer Information (HEA)

Federal regulations require all campuses to provide specified information to prospective and current students, staff and the general public. Listed below are those items that must be available for review per federal regulation.

The federal Higher Education Act, the federal Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA), and regulatory guidance provided in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) require direct individual notices of prescribed information to certain target audiences including prospective students; currently enrolled students; current employees; parents, coaches and counselors of prospective student athletes; and the general public. Disclosures are to include crime/security statistics, student completion/graduation rates, FERPA privacy/security rights, financial aid program information, and gender-specific information on athletic participation and financial support.

General Institutional Information

GED/High School Diploma Programs

Las Positas College does not offer a GED Program. Local school districts offer high school diploma programs for adult learners, and/or GED preparation classes and GED testing. Please contact your local school district or review their website to locate a program. Adult Education Schools provide invaluable programs for students to earn a GED or High School Diploma, as well as complete Career Education Certificates and basic skills and ESL courses.

Constitution Day

In order to comply with the federal regulation requiring the development of educational programming to celebrate Constitution Day on September 17th of each year, Las Positas College's Student Government Office holds a 'Constitution Day' informational table and display on September 17th or, if on a weekend, the closest workday to September 17, in which constitutional information is provided and free copies of the U.S. Constitution are handed out.

Student Financial Assistance

Consortium Agreements

Las Positas College has a blanket consortium agreement with Chabot College, which is in the same college district. With the exception of the blanket consortium with Chabot, Las Positas College does not offer Consortium Agreements as the Home School. Students receiving federal or state financial aid from Las Positas College are not eligible to receive financial aid for courses at other colleges during the same period of enrollment. Las Positas will, however, honor a Consortium Agreement, as a host school, which is provided by another college serving as the Home School. Qualified students are eligible to receive a may qualify for a Promise Grant Fee Waiver while attending Las Positas under a consortium agreement, with Las Positas as host college. Students must submit the Home School’s Consortium Agreement to the Las Positas College Financial Aid Office for approval.

Study Abroad

Las Positas College does not offer 'Study Abroad' programs. Students participating in Study Abroad programs offered by other colleges must receive their financial aid through the college providing the program.

Student Loan Code of Conduct

The Loan Code of Conduct is established to standardize the best practices at Las Positas College in providing optimum educational loans to our students.

Las Positas College does not participate in nor endorse private loans. The Federal Direct Loan Program is the only loan program offered.

All financial aid personnel will comply with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct for Institutional Financial Aid Professionals as stated at

Health and Safety

Text Book Information

The Las Positas College Bookstore provides textbook information (including ISBN and retail price, when available) for courses listed in the course schedule each semester. This information can be accessed through Class Web, or through the Bookstore’s website at

Voter Registration Information

Las Positas College encourages eligible students to register to vote. Students wishing to register may visit for more information. The Student Government also organizes voter registration events periodically throughout the school year.

Student Outcomes

  • Student Retention Rates
  • Graduation Rates (Student Right to Know Act)
  • Transfer-Out Rates (Student Right to Know Act)
  • Transfer-out Rates for Students Receiving Athletically Related Student Aid (Student Right-to-Know Act) Las Positas College does not award Athletic Scholarships.
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act) Las Positas College does not award Athletic Scholarships.