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Las Positas College

Teaching And Learning Center

About The TLC

Located in Room 2410 in the Multi-Disciplinary Building, the Teaching and Learning Center is an 1,879 square-foot room that features 14 workstations, tables for discussion and laptop usage, wireless connectivity, and a Professional Development lounge.

TLC Mission Statement

The mission of the Teaching and Learning Center is to inspire and enable faculty to enhance teaching and learning through the effective use of instructional technologies. Providing quality resources and focused training and support, the TLC is the hub of the college's professional development activities that contribute to the pedagogical and technical knowledge of LPC faculty, staff, and administrators. The TLC also provides leadership, coordination, and management of the college's web site,  instructional technology efforts, and Distance Education efforts. Ultimately, TLC work will result in student-centered courses that allow all students, including those with disabilities, to reach their educational goals.

Key Services

  • Provide pedagogical and technical training and support to faculty integrating technology into their curricula and designing hybrid, HyFlex and online courses. This training and support are done face-to-face and online.
  • Lead the Distance Education efforts in addressing and solving issues relating to all aspects of DE, including curriculum, strategic planning, policies and procedures, scheduling and writing reports.
  • Coordinate the delivery of all web-enhanced, hybrid, HyFlex, and online courses.
  • Administer the college's course management system to ensure continuous, optimal efficiency of courses.
  • Administer the college's web content management system, and train and support those utilizing it.
  • Train and support faculty and staff on how to make their web content accessible to all students, particularly those with disabilities.

TLC Useage Guidelines

 In order to provide a high level of service, the Teaching and Learning Center staff would appreciate continued cooperation in the following areas:

  • Keeping the facility clean by recycling unnecessary papers and throwing away unneeded items.
  • Eating or drinking prior to entering the TLC.
  • Backing up your files to your personal media or network drives, and deleting any unnecessary files from the hard drives of the computers.
  • Refraining from installing programs to the computers. If you need to install a program, ask permission from a TLC staff member first.
  • Refraining from changing any of the computers' settings, including bookmarks or other settings on Internet browsers.
  • Before approaching TLC staff to embark on time-consuming projects, clear it first with the instructional technology coordinator.


The TLC's service hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The TLC is staffed by Timothy Druley, Webmaster; Wanda Butterly, Instructional Technology Specialist; and Scott Vigallon, Instructional Technology Coordinator. The phone number is 925.424.1655.